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Sansa, your mother would want you to carry on. You know its true.

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Bran + empathy and selflessness

okay mostly i feel this?? look cool my boy bran stark i love him. but ‘there is no abuser!bran’ is just, completely factually wrong. bran abuses hodor. straight up. what he does to him cruel and terrible and fundamentally wrong. and he can do those things while being the boy you describe. he does.

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"Robb will kill you all, she thought, exulting”

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Sansa Stark went up the mountain, but Alayne Stone is coming down.

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#sansa stark is the smartest player in the game #look at how well she manipulates Joffrey #and to think people call her stupid #lol at them #they have no idea sansa is going to come out on top #standing on a pile of her enemies #with a crown on her head

I think Sansa is clever, but I think that what is important about Sansa more than that she is clever or that she will “come out on top” or end up powerful (she may or may not come out on top or end up in power!) is that Sansa Stark is kind, and she remains kind despite all the things that have happened to her. I think when people defend Sansa from h8rs they often try to point out things about her that are valuable to her but ultimately not really accomplishments? She learns to be clever and manipulative because she has to. She is kind out of choice, and persistently kind in the face of overwhelming cruelty, and that is why I love Sansa.


If you have a single negative thing to say about Sansa Stark, then we can’t be friends. 

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Growing up at Winterfell, all I ever wanted was to escape, to come here, to the capital. To see the southern knights and their painted armor, King’s Landing after dark, all the candles burning in all those windows. I’m stupid. Stupid little girl, with stupid dreams, who never learns…”

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The wolf queen has no mercy for lions. 

The wolf queen has no mercy for lions. 

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— Eddard Stark

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All it would take was a shove, she told herself. He was standing right there, right there, smirking at her with those fat wormlips. You could do it, she told herself. You could. Do it right now. It wouldn’t even matter if she went over with him. It wouldn’t matter at all.

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